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Suitcase Fusion

Each copy of Suitcase Fusion can be used on up to 2 computers.

When you purchase a copy of Suitcase Fusion, you can use it on up to two computers for personal use. If you have more than one user, you need to purchase multiple copies. You can purchase up to 3 copies of Suitcase Fusion per account.

Need more than 3 copies of Suitcase Fusion? Try Suitcase TeamSync.

Designed for multiple users, Suitcase TeamSync gives every designer on your team access to your licensed collection via Suitcase Fusion. Curate and distribute your font library automatically across your team quickly and easily. Learn more

  • Designed for multiple Suitcase Fusion users
  • Cloud-based, no IT costs
  • Upgrades always included
  • Add or remove users quickly

Do I qualify for upgrade pricing?

If you currently own a registered copy of Suitcase Fusion 8, you qualify for an upgrade.